How to be your best
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Revealing one‘s true self.

How to be your best.

Have you ever argued with someone and thought: Oh-wow-finally this person is showing me their true self.”?

If yes, you are probably not alone.

Many of us are conditioned to interpret someone’s most reactive and least integrated part as their “true self.”

But have you ever thought about how negative this view of someone and not just someone in particular but humanity in general is?

With this idea implanted in our minds we don’t even give that person a chance to reflect and perhaps correct their behaviourism towards a more loving one.

More so we reinforce the acting in this harmful way because we identify the worst part as their or our true self.

Of course this belief doesn’t just affect how we view the outside world but also how we view ourselves.

I concluded that this belief must be deeply rooted in a negative view of the humans real nature and made me wonder if we are conditioned to distrust our ability to act from a place of love and generosity.

This realisation came to me after having stripped off many layers of conditioning that brought me back to my true self.

The closer I got there, the more I realised how my real nature strives for the well-being of not just myself but everything around me.

It is this part of me that realises that there is no real separation between me and my surroundings and that there is no such thing as happiness, if it is not shared with a collectiveness.

Humans have the need to belong which simply means that we long to “be”.

Be present.

Be united.

If you have some experience with mediation you know that being present and being united are very similar experiences.

Whenever we are not in this state we begin to long or yearn for something other than what is.

This is the truest realization I’ve ever had about myself.

With this awareness I started changing the story about my true self and relating to it as the most noble, most generous and graceful part of who I am.

And of course, the way we relate with ourselves shapes the reality we create around us. Meaning after seeing it in me, I began to see it in everyone and everything as well.

This little shift in perception has changed everything for me.

It is helping me to be attracted to abundance, to cry tears of happiness and gratitude rather than sorrow and misery and to live a life led by faith.

When I observe behaviourisms that are harmful in me or others I can trace them back to goodness which then enables me to stay serene and peaceful from within.

Simultaneously, it gives me the confidence to confront uncomfortable situations because I am not afraid to uncover something evil or scary.

Indeed it is quite the opposite. The process of investigating myself or others has become fun because I know what lies at the essence of each person is love and light.

All in all, it enabled me to be self-compassionate and to let go of my obsession to be perfect.


Michelle Schneider

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