My story name is Shelly and I am rewriting the "my story" part for probably the 5th time which shows that I myself haven’t ultimately understood its essence yet.
What I can say is that it is part of this project to uncover it.

One part of me thinks I should mention to you where I grew up, which jobs I pursued or which continents I crossed..but the other part of me feels like these pieces of information are all of no real importance.
Identifying oneself with these kind of experiences categorize and put us into boxes.
And boxes come with borders...with separation which is something my heart never understood.
Perhaps my mind does as it absorbs external conditions like a dry sponge that’s thrown into a sink full of dirty water..but eventually my heart always subdues my mind.
That’s what brings us here.
My heart.

Writing was always my go to habit when I felt like my words couldn’t find resonance in the world. It’s been the only constant in my life.
It enabled me to create a profound relationship with myself.
Overall, it created an enormous understanding of the emotional processes that take place inside of me every single day.
It teaches me about listening...about love.
Unconditional love.

When I write it feels like I get to express myself free of all judgement.
It makes me pure and light which then helps me to show up in the world with more delight.
For a while I was content with using this technique for only myself.
But just like it is with every great discovery, we eventually feel the urge to share it with the rest of the world.
So I started Thought Fuel, a blog composed to inspire you to break through the mental barriers that the stories we tell ourselves impose on us.
My articles are all highly subjective and whether you find resonance with them is nothing I can and want to influence.
This is a blog about self-empowerment.
So you choose whether it benefits you or not.
My only job here is to not judge whichever choice you make.

Sending you all infinite wisdom and looking forward to receiving feedback from you.
If not, who will fuel my thoughts?

"Only the ones who prepare the soil, plant the seed and spread the joy get to harvest the sweet fruits."